Hell, He Thought.

Huh. I just realised that I never actually posted this on Saturday. Oh well, here you go:

‘I’m sorry,’ said the kid, clinging to the wall beside Lieutenant Chun. ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t know—’

Another blast of machine-gun fire set sparks flying past them; the boy whimpered, and this time Chun didn’t blame him. They were trapped. Chun pushed the button on his communicator, which hissed static.

‘I don’t know if you can hear me, guys, but I could really do with some help here.’

‘I— I— I—’

‘Shut up,’ said Chun, and punched the kid’s arm.

‘You have to believe me, I didn’t—’


‘Lieutenant Chun,’ came a voice from his communicator – but not a voice Chun recognised. ‘You’re surrounded. We’ve blocked your comms. Why don’t you come on out? I promise we won’t hurt you.’

‘Who the Hell are you, and who gave you a military comms unit?’

This elicited a chuckle from the voice.

‘Is that really your greatest concern, under the circumstances?’

‘Give me the name of your contact in the military, and I promise you a quick death.’

There was another rattle of gunfire, then, twice as long as the last. Chun winced, and his nose wrinkled at the smell of urine rising from the kid.

‘We fight for the liberation of humanity, Lieutenant.’

‘By getting children to scrawl obscenities on the walls.’

‘…that’s why you came to us?’

Frantic whispers came from the communicator. Chun just about heard ‘Barry, you tit,’ and he burst out laughing.


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