Pirate Queen

There were two explosions in the hallway outside; the guard spun around and hefted his gun. He flicked the little radio strapped to his chest, but got only static.

‘Shit,’ he mumbled. He kept the door in his sights and stepped around beside the control column. There were footsteps outside, and voices. He couldn’t quite make them out. He thought: Who the Hell could it be?

The door slid open, and he saw a grenade arc into the room. He moved fully behind the control column, placed his arm over his eyes, and loosened his jaw. The sound from the flashbang was deafening, and even through his arm he could see a bright light.

When it was over he staggered to his feet and struggled to keep his balance. The world was spinning around him, booming sounds were echoing through his skull, and his cheeks were burned red. He managed to focus back on the open door. There were people there now – they weren’t wearing uniforms, but they each had a black ribbon tied around their upper arms. He aimed his gun at the nearest one, and three bullets thudded into his chest.

‘We’ve got the bridge,’ he heard one of them say. A woman. The guard fell down onto his back. Black ribbons. Pirates, he thought. He could feel blood leaking into his clothes. He could feel the warmth draining away.

‘Good,’ crackled a reply, another woman; ‘You’ve got maybe five more minutes until the alarms go off. Get that thing out of the atmosphere.’

Fuck you, thought the guard, and rolled over onto his belly. He took aim at the woman on the radio, as she was coming up to the control column. Another of the pirates saw him, tried to respond, but too late.

He pulled the trigger.


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7 responses to “Pirate Queen”

  1. chekistocrat says :

    I love your stories and this is the best one yet.


    • evilsoup says :

      Thanks, Cheki.

      It’s funny, I thought it was a pretty weak story myself… but that’s always how it is. At the writing group I go to, I sometimes read something just so that I’m making a contribution, and those are always the ones people have the most nice things to say about.

      (P.S. I love your blog, but whenever I’ve tried to comment there it doesn’t seem to go through? Some kind of fuckup from wordpress, I’m sure.)


      • chekistocrat says :

        That sounds like a fuckup! Try to comment again (even just to say “test”) and I’ll see if I can fix it, or ask WP to do so.

        I like your stories because every time I read them I am right in the middle of things happening, which you describe brilliantly. You always put in a little touch which is great. In this one I was at first confused because unarmed security normally carry radios on the hip (I did) but then I realised this was armed security, who don’t. It was the black ribbon part that got me, as soon as I read that I was right there in the action. You write so well.

        I hope you will write a book, I will buy it straight away.


      • evilsoup says :

        Well, I am working on a novel (just like every other fucker on the internet, though it probably only seems that way to me because I follow a lot of writers’ blogs), but it’s worked out sort of differently from the short stories I normally post up here. A bit slower, you know. I put the first draft of the first chapter up here a while ago.

        And I’m glad it worked out, but I’m afraid that I didn’t even think about radios and stuff! I’ve never worked security, so it just never occurred to me. If you do spot something like that in one of my stories, please do point it out — criticism’s one of the best ways for me to improve (so long as it’s not, like, ‘this is shit, stop writing forever’).


      • chekistocrat says :

        It’s where you can reach a radio in a hurry, is all it is. If I’m worried at work I still reach for the radio…do it automatically, even though I am no longer in a job where I have one. I was unarmed security, so the balance of where radios are is different to the balance of anyone armed.

        Anyway I love your writing – I’m not much of a fiction reader but I really like your stuff. There’s something about it which pulls you in.


      • evilsoup says :

        OK, I’ve put a little test comment on your ‘About’ page (seemed the best place), and it isn’t showing up… maybe check your spam filter? IDK.


      • chekistocrat says :

        It’s not showing up at all, comrade. Not in spam or anywhere else.

        I will have a word with WP, I’m pissed off about this.


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