‘Theodore Wu, you have been found guilty of sabotage under the Emergency Powers Act. Appeal of this decision is not permitted. The sentence is death. Do you understand?’

Ted looked up as well as he could, with two soldiers holding each of his arms at uncomfortable angles. One of his eyes was filled with blood, from the gash on his forehead; with the other, he peered at Leanne, who was standing next to the commissioner.

One of the soldiers kicked him in the gut; he wanted to double over, but they held him in position. The commissioner leaned forward.

‘Do you understand?’

‘Yes,’ coughed Ted. The commissioner nodded and unclipped the gun from his belt.

‘Do you have any last words?’

Ted looked up, again, at Leanne. She avoided his gaze.

‘How could you?’

The commissioner raised his gun, pointed it straight at Ted’s head.

‘She was never on your side.’


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One response to “Underground”

  1. Teresa says :

    Yikes. That would hurt –emotionally speaking.


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