One With The Light

No bullets. No hope. She ran down the corridor, without seeing where she was going, without even thinking.

‘Oh God,’ whimpered Simmons. ‘Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh, no, no, no—’

And that was the last she heard of him.

It was behind her, she was sure – the thing that used to be Sergeant Booker, before his visor had cracked. She’d learned about this in her history class at school. During the three-year rebellion of the Mountain, when the facility had tried to take Paradise out of Earth’s domination, one of the many weapons that had been used were nano-spores – tiny machines that hijacked the victim’s nervous system, turned them into meat-puppets.

They should have been inactive. It had always been too expensive to finally clean up the place (and, besides, nobody wanted to disturb the oh-so-fascinating baubles the archaeologists liked to play with), but all the most dangerous stuff should have been turned off two hundred years before. Jo was a glorified security guard, and this was total-war tech.

She rounded a corner and nearly ran into a fighting machine, all made of chrome spikes. It looked at her with a flattened face, and it moved like water being poured from a jug. She was too close, and besides, the Booker-thing was right behind her.

‘Oh, Hell,’ she said, too tired to fight.

Do not be afraid, it said, and its arm shot out over her shoulder. There was a crunch as it made contact with what was left of the sergeant.


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5 responses to “One With The Light”

  1. Tastyniblets says :

    That was awesome. Love your writing style.. More please :)


    • evilsoup says :

      Thanks! ‘Likes’ are nice, but I really appreciate comments like this. I try to post a little something every Friday, so there definitely will be more to come. You can also have a look at the ‘story so far’ of this thing and other related bits and pieces on my ‘Starseed’ tag.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Tastyniblets says :

        I did, you’ve got some great stuff there. Love the fact that you’re using a female protagonist for sci-fi, which is how I tend to write as well. I’m following your blog now so will be keeping a look out for more :)


  2. Donna L Martin (@donasdays) says :

    Hi there!

    I’m stopping by as many blogs as I can while getting ready for the A to Z Challenge next month. Good luck with the challenge and if you get a chance, why not stop by my blog at I write children’s books, middle grade and young adult…

    Take care,

    Donna L Martin


    • evilsoup says :

      Hi to you, too! I’m afraid your comment set off WordPress’ automatic spam filter, and I didn’t notice until just now to let it out of the trap & into the wild. Sorry about that.

      Just had a quick look at your blog & it’s good stuff so far. It’s bed-time for me right now, but I’ll make sure to have a proper dive into your archive as soon as I can.


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