Ultimate! Power!

The air was hot, like the inside of an oven. Jane dropped to one knee; the floor was shaking. She could see that sections or it were falling away, plunging the scattered and bewildered remnants of the angelic host down into darkness.

As above, so below, she thought: things must be getting interesting on Earth.

She looked at the one figure standing strong, not five metres in front of her. Blue and red lightning was arcing into him from all directions. He was laughing.

‘It’s mine!’ he boomed, and the sky split open; ‘All mine, all mine, all mine, hahaha!’

Oh, tupping Hell, thought Jane, and grinned at the irony. She looked away from him and patted the ground for her bat.

‘With this power, I can destroy as I see fit and create what I like. Haha!’

He tilted his head back and opened his arms. From the tear in the sky poured a pillar of fire, which he embraced with a smile. Jane shielded her eyes and hoped he would be burned away. No such luck: he walked out unscathed, eyes glowing white. He was facing her, but he spoke to all of creation.

‘This is my world now, and I shall remake it in my image!’

‘There’s only one problem with that plan, you slag,’ said Jane, rising to her feet, cricket bat in hand; ‘You’ll have to get through me first.’

He looked at her for several seconds and then burst into laughter.

‘Ahahaha! I have just defeated God, you soppy cow – do you really think you can stop me?’

Jane smiled, spat a bloody glob of phlegm at his feet, raised her cricket bat into a combat stance.

‘That’s right,’ she snarled; ‘Come on then, if you think you’re hard enough!’


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